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KARLANDA IKEA Armchair Cover


Märke Comfortly

Please note that we sell only covers, not the actual furniture.

Covers are custom made and the production takes about 2-3 weeks.

Shipping of the items takes about 3-6 working days after the production.

Please note that Karlanda and Karlstad models look almost the same. KARLANDA model does not have detachable armrests, therefore comes in one piece.

Renew your KARLANDA IKEA Armchair look by using high quality handmade covers which include:

  • 1 main frame cover
  • 1 backrest cushion cover
  • 1 seat cushion cover

Cashmere Blends
Heavy Duty
Linen Blends
Velvet Blends

Kashmirblandning material

Skyddad med nanoteknologi mot smuts, fläckar & spill. 

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