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VIMLE IKEA 2 Seat Sofa Bed Cover (153 cm mattress) - Linen Blends Cranberry

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This special discounted item is only available in Linen Blends / Cranberry fabric.

Please note that we only sell covers, not the actual furniture.

VAT is already added in the item's price. No additional charges will be included for deliveries to United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Europe.

Rejuvenate your old VIMLE IKEA 2 Seat Sofa Bed (153 cm mattress) by using our classy covers which include:

  • 1 front panel cover
  • 1 backrest cover
  • 2 seat cushion covers
  • 2 back cushion covers
  • 2 armrest covers

VIMLE IKEA 2 Seat Sofa Bed (153 cm mattress) measurements:

  • Width: 203 cm (79.78 inch)
  • Depth: 98 cm (38.58 inch)
  • Height: 60 cm (23.62 inch)

    Vimle has 2 sizes of sofa-bed section. This size is suitable for Vimle Sofa Bed that has 153 cm mattress (as shown in the picture). Please be sure to double check the measurements.

    Please note, that these covers will not be suitable for originally made leather VIMLE Sofa as it has no velcro on the underside. If you have any questions regarding the item, you are always welcome to contact us for more information.

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