Styling your living room or bedroom may seem to be a bit of a stretch, however, the real struggle starts when you finally reach your children’s bedroom. I‘ve actually postponed this area as much as I could, because when it comes to your child you want only the best and nothing less. You have to think about space, color, storage (lots and lots of toys), Poang chair cover color and finally about child’s health and safety. Keeping in mind that kids grow faster than my motivation to exercise, it is important to adapt the room to her or his growing needs.

Room decorating

Involve children into the process

Firstly, you should trust your child‘s opinion. You can get carried away with your own vision, but it doesn‘t necessary mean that your children will love it... Involve them in your purchasing process, let him or her choose small details such as Poang chair cover color and material for IKEA cushion covers. Ask them about their playing areas and toys, most comfortable material and fabric. Once you gather the information, it will help you not only to create a perfect environment for you little one, but also know more about his or her personality and preferences.

Be practical

There may be situations when your child releases his inner Picasso on the bed sheets, walls, rugs and other places you may not even imagine... And it is important to keep the place sterile for your little one‘s personal health and growth. Use re-washable wall paint, natural fabric bed sheets, surfaces, such as Poang chair cover, that is more resistant to marks and scuffs. I personally chose IKEA furniture that have removable covers and can be easily cleaned with a washing machine. Furthermore, you can choose your own preferences for IKEA sofa covers or IKEA chair covers, because they come in a numerous material and color choices.

Poang chair cover

Leave space for games

Everything in place means more space! As the kid room may be quite small, it is important to leave space for playground and their imagination. Choose high rise bed to make more floor space, furniture with storage such as IKEA Ektorp footstool. Don’t overdo with unnecessary accessories, buy small compact furniture. I have chosen IKEA Poäng series with changeable IKEA Poäng chair covers and IKEA Poäng footstool covers which doesn’t take much space. Also, don’t forget about storage for toys, build in desks, peg rails above beds, floating shelves and many more options that would keep the room spacy and tidy, and would match your Poang chair cover.

Pick a theme

How about a theme? When I was little, I wanted to be a… No, not an astronaut or a doctor. I wanted to be a CAT. I drank a lot of milk, meowed once in a while for no apparent reason and purred when my mom scratched my back. I remember buying items with cat theme (such as pillows, rugs, notebooks, even pens) and it brought me lots of joy. If your child is into space, stick the ceiling with sticky shining stars, buy a wallpaper with space ships or planets. Or you can buy a star-shaped cushions and put them on Poang chair cover. If your child enjoys nature, choose bed sheets with flowers and butterflies, buy a ceiling lamp in a shape of cloud. There are so many options and with a little bit of research you will make your little one the happiest child in the universe.

17 febrero 2020