It’s easy to fall in love with different styles and trends when creating your home interior. Having a clearer idea of which style is actually you, might help to come up with a vision of your perfect home. Let’s have a little inspiration, shall we?

Bohemian style with IKEA covers

Freedom and individuality

If you are not into the spotless minimalist modern home, then why not consider a bohemian interior or at least a small touch of boheme in your home? A small touch can be an IKEA Klippan sofa cover made of a unique Heavy Duty fabric blend. Home decor experts say that bohemian style is one of the trends of 2020: we are all open to the world and we love the feeling of freedom and individuality. Travel and getting to know other cultures have never been so easy, plus, it appears that people are actually missing truthfulness and a bit of… a cute mess in their homes. Perfectly undone, yet totally done – it’s the best description of a fine boho home.

Bohemian design is admired by those who lead a free-spirited, unconventional life, like travelers, writers, artists, and those who have sympathy for the ‘’good old times’’. Bohemian style is about incorporating many different things in one. For instance, a colorful IKEA Klippan sofa cover and bright colored cushions. This style encourages not to be afraid to play with colors, accessories, patterns while creating a homey home. It’s where cultural influences from different parts of the globe come to one.

Even though there are so many elements of it, the bohemian home allows you to live in a relaxed and carefree environment. And the best part of it is that there will never be two same bohemian homes, nor there will be wrong or not stylish bohemia, on the contrary – bohemian home might become a unique, unpredictable and lovely stand-out from the modern, minimalist, spotless homes. And such small details like IKEA Klippan sofa cover, exotic painting or a plant are enough to create it.

Bohemian sofa cover

How to create a bohemian atmosphere in your home?

Let’s start with a clean and simple base. As your boho home will have lots of elements, you don’t want to overcrowd it with colorful background. Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas for your room: walls, floors and soft furniture. A textured heavy duty fabric or linen blends material of the IKEA Klippan sofa cover will give a natural feeling to your bohemian home. Opt for calm colors such as rabbit, mika or stone for your sofa.


The creation of true bohemia lies in the décor

Let your creative spirit out! Here are important components of an easy bohemian home:

  • Cushions. Feel free to bring out the liveliness with red, green, or azur colors for your IKEA cushion covers – each of them can undoubtedly be covered in a different hue. Choose one of our fabrics that you haven’t already used. Cozier sofa cover fabrics, such as IKEA Klippan sofa cover, will contrast nicely with the softer, silky materials such as velvet or chenille for your cushion covers.
  • Plants. Nature is our ultimate inspiration and simply an inevitable part of the bohemian interior. Don’t be afraid to choose unusual, tropical flowers and plants of different heights. Tips? A palm tree is always a good idea. Add a few hanging plants – they will give a personality to your home space. Not to mention the clay flower pots and vases that can be painted and decorated in your own way.
  • Patterns for carpets & blankets. Indian, Moroccan, Aztec prints appearing on rugs, blankets and other interior elements always feel cozy and inviting and will surely add a boho vibe to your interior. Mix and match different prints but try to keep them in the same color scheme to keep consistency. Moreover, the unique heavy duty fabric of IKEA Klippan sofa cover can also add boho feel to your home.
  • Second-hand furniture & vintage. The bohemian interior is the junction between old and new. Don’t be afraid of the worn-out and used items, grandma’s relicts or flea market finds. Old furniture has a value and tells a story. They create a perfect balance together with modern elements.
  • Natural materials. The bohemian design embraces natural & handmade. Wooden shelf, raffia baskets, crochet placemats, clay bowls, linen table cloths, IKEA Klippan sofa cover, and other natural elements, will represent the wild spirit of your home, their non-dyed calming colors blend into boho home easily.
  • Make it personal. Your home will be one of a kind, so why not add a touch of your own personality to your new interior? What is it that you love doing? Are you a learning musician, secret painter-to-be or a zero-waste enthusiast? Hang a guitar on the wall, put an easel with paint in the empty corner, make a handmade rug or place a nice shelf of books. Small details that together will create an artistic home of your own.

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21 febrero 2020