Your comfort is our main and most important goal

Comfortly is not only a name

Founded by couple

Idea always comes from a dream and our particular dream began when two people were led to each other with the same passion for art and design.
After having to say goodbye to our beloved worn-out sofa which served us for a long time, we fantasized about bright turquoise colored furniture with a tinge of yellow pillows all around our living-room. And that was the first step towards our IKEA covers!

Our team

Customer Support

Our customer support star, is more helpful than a GPS when you're lost. With her on the team, all of your questions will be answered promptly and efficiently.


Our upholstery cover designer, is a perfectionist with a knack for details—her attention to precision is so sharp, even ninjas envy her skills.

Production Planner

Our production planning powerhouse! With her in charge, our production team glides through deadlines smoother than a penguin on ice.

Supply Specialist

Our supplier relations maestro, turns paperwork into paper airplanes with such efficiency that even office supplies envy his skills.

Visual Content Creator

Our creative force for visual design and social media. With Gabriele at the helm, our brand presence shines brighter than a disco ball at a dance-off.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Our quality assurance guru - more observant than a detective at a crime scene. With her keen eye, our products pass through inspections smoothly!

Barketing Manager

Our smallest colleague, makes winning marketing strategies, one bark at a time!

Logistics Specialist

Our logistics expert. Her meticulous planning and quick thinking keep our operations and shipments running effortlessly.

IT specialist

Our IT wizard, works his digital magic with lightning speed, ensuring our tech ship sails without a hitch.

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... how we became “renovating experts”

Let’s just say that we are not “wasters” and it was really hard to say goodbye to our sofa which was full of warm and cozy memories. But then we thought why not keeping it? By renovating the furniture we would save time, energy and even additional expenses.
We managed to find affordable high quality turquoise fabrics and there was no way back. I can proudly announce that we became “renovating experts” and changed our home appearance with small details such as covers which made our furniture look like new.

Our main values


We strive to foster long-lasting relationships built on trust, respect, and commitment.


Quality is not expensive, it is priceless. We only provide hand-made IKEA covers which are crafted from high standard materials.


Nature does not waste anything. With each step we think not only about our company, but about our environment and better future.


Happiness is when you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Our soft-touch material, variety of textures and colors can make any place feel like home.

Make any place feel like home

We believe that comfort comes with individuality, details and exceptional quality. By combining these values we have created a simple and creative way to customize and accessorize your decor by changing your furniture covers. A variety of hand-made covers for your furniture are aimed to make any place feel like home.