IKEA can offer you a diversity of furniture styles and types, so it may be difficult to remember which one you purchased years ago. Here are some tips that may help you to recognize your style of furniture.

1. Brand label

The simplest way to recognize the design is by looking at the care or brand label. All original covers of IKEA have the furniture style name written on the tag. You can find them on the underside of the covers. Please take the pillow or any other piece, remove the IKEA covers and look for the white tag. Once you found the name, you can check our product page to see if we have it in stock.

2. Measurements

Some of the furniture styles (like Karlanda and Karlstad) may look similar and it is really important to measure your item to compare the measurements. You can find furniture dimensions on our product page by clicking on the specific product and looking at the description. There may be a difference by a few centimeters.

3. Individuality

Look for something individual. You can recognize your furniture and pick out the right IKEA covers by comparing its armrests. There are so many shapes that may be the main indicator. If your sofa was originally bought from IKEA it may have their original legs. Their shape and type of material can be also sign of a particular style. You could also count the quantity of pillows, back or seat cushions.

4. Checking the sides

Don‘t forget to double-check the side of your furniture. Usually, sofa with chaise longue can be moderated into the right and left sides. Some of the IKEA covers may be used for both sides, but there are few that need to be bought for a specific left or right side. Please read the description of the item before the purchase.

5. No leather

Initially bought leather items are not suitable for our covers as they don’t have any velcro on the bottom of the furniture. We are searching for ways that would help to attach our covers with another material.

If you cannot find or you are not sure about the style of the furniture please contact us for more help. Just take a clear picture of your item and send us an email at info@comfortly.com. We will help you to choose between our wide range of different IKEA covers!

31 diciembre 2019