TULLSTA IKEA Armchair Cover
From £124.00
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IKEA TULLSTA chair cover is all about unique design that creates a distinct and individual home interior. Placed into the corner of the living room, standing beside the bedroom bed or meeting the guests in the hallway – any place will be a perfect fit for this home accessory. In fact, it‘s not only an accessory: if you give it a chance, it can become the best partner in crime during your lazy evenings. To enjoy the most of this piece of furniture, dress it accordingly – with a soft, high quality and durable “Comfortly” cover.

Genuine craftsmanship covers

We offer the TULLSTA chair cover fabric blends that best reveal all of its charming details and sides. At “Comfortly“ you will find covers for:

  • Main body;
  • Seat cushion;
  • Back cushion.

We believe that every piece of the TULLSTA series should be covered by them, worthy protectors. For this, we picked the best pairs for an IKEA TULLSTA chair cover:

If you wish to be surrounded by a soft and warm embrace on chilly days, cashmere, silky to the touch velvet and bohemian heavy duty will provide the highest level of comfort. As for those days when we look for places to cool down our skin, linen comes to rescue – breathability is the secret weapon to fight against sweat and sticky clothing. Every TULLSTA chair cover is made to meet the needs based on every season.

Covers save time and money

It‘s only natural to start thinking about the replacement for an old, stained and tired piece of furniture. Accompanying these thoughts, our head is already full of calculations on furniture prices, the time needed to find a new interior accessory, and the energy we will need to put into this “hunt“.

We are here to offer a better solution – why not to keep your beloved, thousands of sweet memories keeping companion? No furniture hunts, no busy evenings after work or occupied weekends while visiting a bunch of furniture boutiques, no extreme money spending. Yep, cross everything out, because TULLSTA chair cover is here for you. Save time, money and energy with a one simple solution.

Let‘s become “renovating experts” together by keeping our most precious furniture. IKEA TULLSTA chair cover may seem like a small detail in a big interior, however, it will completely renew the furniture and change the home appearance with a minimum effort.

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