What look would you like to create for your house interior - modern or classy? Natural or luxurious? Well, we are here to lend you some suggestions that may ease your decision!

High quality fabrics

For now, Comfortly can offer you 5 material types for your furniture and décor accessories:

  2. Stain-resistant CASHMERE BLENDS
  3. Rich texture HEAVY DUTY
  4. Natural-looking LINEN BLENDS
  5. Bright colored VELVET BLENDS

Every fabric is well styled and handmade, thus ensuring the highest quality, comfortability and functionality.

Classy and Scandinavian interior designs

Let us start with Chenille blends. In comparison to other materials it has one of the best pilling resistance, meaning that this material could sustain a fresh look for a long time. You can find IKEA covers made of Chenille Blends in a classy and traditional looking interior as it perfectly fits with dark wood accessories and curvy patterns.

Stain-resistant Cashmere Blends may be the best choice for families and pet-loving personas. We will probably write another blog post about this material, as it is well protected from liquids, stains and other furniture enemies. Cashmere Blends can be used in Scandinavian and simplistic interior design. The fabric has neutral colors that could be matched with bright colored decorations.

Blends for bohemian, natural and luxurious looks

One of the most unique fabric Comfortly can offer is Heavy Duty. It has a different texture with a mixture of colors. Heavy Duty can be used in Bohemian, Contemporary styled rooms as the fabric can bring out the uniqueness of IKEA covers.

Linen Blends texture is similar to pure linen fabric. If you would like to avoid exaggeration and create a simple, natural look this material is for you. Accessorize your furniture with a woolen blanket, plants, stones or other nature provided items.

Velvet Blends have the brightest colors of all. Because of the rich velvety texture, this material is used to a more luxurious, lush looking interior design. It could be combined with bright velvet or fur pillows which would accent your furniture even more.

Remember, you could always mix and match the materials to any preferred interior design and choose the best fitting IKEA covers.

December 29, 2019