Have you noticed how promptly we transition from separate kitchen to a one, more spacious multifunctional room? We eat, cook and invite our guests at the same place, so this specific room needs our exceptional attention to details and practical use. Here are some tips on how to create a practical yet swoon worthy décor in your dining room.

Round seating

Dining room brings together friends and family, so the atmosphere should be “chatter” friendly and inviting. Of course, every living room needs a table and it most importantly needs chairs which are sorted around the table and decorated with warm and cosy IKEA chair covers. It is also important to have them directed to each other, to make the number equal and make the space more inviting.

Chair covers


Keep attention to not overdo with the room area as it should be comfortable to walk from table to kitchen and vice versa. Round tables are more suitable in small square rooms, while other shapes can be easily adjusted to larger spaces. Seats should be at least 12 inches lower than the actual table as to create enough space even to your leggiest friends. Choose furniture with storage function or table with flip-top, tilt-top or other foldable features.


You have no idea how much you can do with adding the right accessories in your room. For instance, adding different colored IKEA chair covers will create a modern and unique look. Adjoin a bright colored rug under the table which would extend at least 2-3 feet beyond the table sides, add eye catching art and put some freshly arranged flowers on your dining table. Think about not only the main furniture but your appliances, napkin holders, table pads and so on… Remember, every detail counts!

Chair covers for IKEA


The lighting in your dining room should be bright enough to read the daily newspaper or enjoy your favourite book, but not too bright, as to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Choose warmer shade colours and hang clusters or pendant lights above the table. Be creative with the lamps and chandeliers as they are usually the main focus of the room.


You may be more focused on the visual aspects; however, it is important to be practical in a dining room. Choose furniture with changeable covers such as IKEA chair covers with a stain-protection function or washable feature. It will help when you drop something while eating, or spray something while laughing, so it is important to think about stains and dirt… Make fingerprint resistant materials as your preferences, avoid open cabinets which will mostly attract dust. Choose dark washable napkins and darker rugs. Also, be aware of the safety – avoid sharp edge furniture, less chamfered natural wood or slippery floor tiles.

If you have more ideas on how to create a perfect dining room with more even details than IKEA chair covers, art and flowers, please do not hesitate to share with us!

04 marzo 2021