Last year you heard me gushing about rich velvet furniture, tropical interior accessories and neutral coloring, well… Scratch that, because the new year brings us to a new (and hopefully better) direction. Here’s what 2020 has to offer us.

Blue cushion cover

Blue & turquoise

Color that represents elegance and accentuates personality. While blue can be utilized for a calm and relaxed environment, turquoise will add some playfulness and modern feeling into your house. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole house from roof to the basement should be colored in sky blue, you just need a little bit of blue shaded accessories. For example, choose an IKEA Klippan sofa cover in Heavy Duty - Blue or Azur color, buy a new carpet or change your curtains. Or you can match your sofa with IKEA cushion covers in these stylish colors. You’ll see how your room transforms adding bits and pieces.

Abstract room decorating


Do you enjoy looking at everything from a different angle? Well, then this style is for you. The migration between forms and design creates a mysterious yet unique look, which would definitely impress even your most skeptical guests. Use bright colored items with triangle/square patterns, search for something exquisite and individual. Definitely add some rugs, vases, strange ceiling lamps and armchairs. Make it bold and free!

Biophilia design

Biophilia Design

This year we are especially aware of our nature and environmental problems. In 2020 even IKEA company has turned down plastic disposable appliances, such as straws, bags, and others, replacing them with reusable materials. Also, the company offers reusable IKEA cushion covers and the covers for other IKEA collection furniture. This style represents person‘s inner attraction to nature which can be also transmitted to the interior design. Biophilia can be seen by using earthly elements such as stone, metals and wood. Choose reusable organic accessories, such as changeable IKEA sofa covers, weaved decor accessories, organic fabric curtains, recycled wooden floors and other materials. Also, don‘t forget about plants, plants and more plants!

Maximalism in design

Details oriented into maximalism

While minimalism may have been last year’s center of attention, as of now many designers encourage to compose a mix of textures and details into your home. Had only one IKEA cushion in your living room? Well, now you have to have 2 or more of them with different colored IKEA cushion covers. You only had one painting on your wall? Well, it’s about time to hang several favoured artists on display. It’s not about adding everything you find in a store and pilling up the unnecessary things... No, it’s a way to find a perfect balance between the colors and accessories, while at the same time bringing a warm and cozy feeling into your house. Want to share your personal opinion about trends and unique designs? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
15 enero 2021