Because of velvet‘s unique softness and rich texture this material was closely related to nobility. It has originated in Eastern culture and some of the first remains were also located in China. Velvet reached a peak in Renaissance period and Italy became one of the leading velvet producers in the world. When you hear words like Renaissance and Italy, you may associate velvet with luxury and high-style fabric, however, it is more versatile than you may think. I always think of velvet as classy and equally modern material. You may find it in museums, palaces and other fancy places, however it could also be located in offices and living areas, such as bedrooms. It is really popular to use velvet for bed-frames and living-room furniture.



           You may also think that velvet is hard to handle, and in comparison to other materials it may be true. However, our Velvet Blends materials was created using synthetic blends, which could be easily washed and re-used again. That‘s why you can cover your kitchen chairs without having to worry about spills and stains.




            You can easily wash velvet in 40 °C temperature, as well as use chemical cleaning. If it gets crinkled during the washing, no worries, you can also iron this material (on the underside), however you should only use low temperature. Velvet Blends has one of the best qualities in comparison to other materials. It has the highest evaluation on abrasion resistance and pilling resistance. This means that your furniture will be more durable and will maintain fresh look longer than expected.


          If you have any questions regarding this material, you can always pop us a message via email or live chat.

20 août, 2019