Stains and spills are a part of our daily life, so if you've bought furniture with changeable slipcovers you are indeed a clever person. By constantly washing slipcovers, your furniture will be sparkly clean and maintain fresh look longer than you may expect.

          Here are some basic steps that you may need to know before washing your covers for the first time:

          1. Always check the care label. You may notice that not all fabrics can be washed or ironed. It is better to read the information on the label or to contact the seller for more details. All of our materials except for Cashmere Blends (as it is protected from spills) can be washed again.

          2. For pet lovers, it would be better if you would take off the fur before washing as to prevent a clog in your washing machine. You can easily brush the remains of fur with a rubber glove and using vacuum cleaner.

          3. If you have any noticeable stains (especially on the fair colored covers) take care of them before washing. You can use stain cleaner which would be friendly to fabrics. After pouring liquid take a minute for it to actually sink in and after that, gently clean it with microfiber cloth. Be sure not to brush the stain as it may cause the stain to go deeper into material.

         4. Use the delicate cycle on your washing machine for the first wash. To know the temperature you should always look at the care label.

         5. After washing the covers I would also suggest to air-dry it, as not to shrink the material. Once it’s dry you can also iron it if the care label says so.

Material information:

Hope it helps!



27 août, 2019