There is a saying that if you have an old sofa there will be at least one irritating stain that will not go off. Okay, maybe you haven’t heard anyone saying this out loud but you get the point. Almost every usable sofa has experienced accidents and has that hidden spot that won’t come off even after trying all the methods you found on Google. Well, if you can’t clean it, you can definitely prevent it from happening.


What is Cashmere Blends all about?

Let us present you Cashmere Blends material with nanotechnology protection. Nanotechnology forms an invisible barrier and gives material and your IKEA sofa bed cover maximum protection. In other words, the material’s surface shields itself from dirt, spill and stain invasion. Sounds unbelievable? For more information please see the video attached below.

As you can see some of the liquids can be easily removed from the surface. Denser liquids can be cleared away using dry cloth and the ones that have more intense color may also need some help of soap and water. So if you have spilled any of these drinks on your IKEA sofa bed cover – let it be coffee, milk, wine or any other colorful liquid – it won‘t soak in and will patiently wait while you rush to the kitchen and grab that wet or dry wipe. Nanotechnology is the hero of the day!

The technology is especially suitable for big families with small children and for those, who love pets and own one or even more of them. Don‘t get depressed after every dirt you see on your furniture.

Free samples of Cashmere IKEA sofa bed cover

Who doesn‘t like free samples? It‘s a magical word for all of us! And no, we are not just trying to get your attention – the offer is real. If you would wish to see fabric’s stain-resistant powers with your own eyes, you can always order up to 5 samples in our online store for free. Make your sofa invincible to any dirt!

May you have any questions about the fabrics, materials or wish to receive some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

30 diciembre 2019