If you care about both sustainability and having a chic home, our IKEA furniture slipcovers are the product for you. Whether you love your trusty, worn out sofa and wish to bring it back to life, or you grew bored of its color but don’t want to buy a new one to save natural resources - furniture covers are what you’ve been looking for!

As we are all taught growing up, it’s important to reuse, reduce and recycle. And there is a good reason that reuse goes first. Logically, reusing an existing product is the best way to reduce your impact on the environment, as whatever harm went into making is already in the past. By using a custom made cover, you greatly expand your furniture’s life while making it feel more unique, ensuring the color and texture matches your taste. Moreover, furniture shopping and assembly can be a real chore, so ordering our products online is not only sustainable and allows you to customize your home to your preference, but it's also easy and convenient.

We also practice what we preach because we value the environment and human health. While designing our elegant and comfortable fabric furniture covers specifically designed for IKEA models, we use old but still good furniture as templates, and once the template is finished, we donate the furniture for people in need. We have designed the Natural, Pure French Linen and Swiss Linen Blends fabric collection which provides a wide range of options, all produced linen and cotton blends and dyed naturally without any formaldehyde chemicals. These fabrics are also OEKO TEX certified and are suitable for allergic skin.

Some covers are donated to various local charities, including nursing homes and homeless shelters, to extend the life of their furniture and ensure comfort. We fight waste by turning all the leftover pieces into fabric samples, and we sometimes bring various bits of fabric to a local kindergarten to teach children about fabrics, where they play with it or use it during arts and crafts.

We believe people should not be forced to choose between comfort and sustainability and that companies have the same responsibility that consumers do. So, while helping you enjoy and cherish your furniture for longer, we are also doing our part to protect nature and help local communities.

Whether you simply prefer the feel of cotton blend and want to make your sofa feel more comfortable by using a cotton cover. Or you want to change the look of your living room by making your armchair stand out with a red cover and make the worn-out dining room chairs last years longer, our fabric furniture covers are the best choice for both you and the planet.

20 diciembre 2022