Let’s talk about modern looking Söderhamn IKEA series furniture and how to renew them with original and unique “Comfortly” covers.


Exclusive comfort

First of all, this is one of the most comfortable sofa I’ve laid on. Did you see how I used LAID instead of SAT? Well, the sitting part (depth) is quite deep so when you approach it, you start to feel an irresistible urge to lay on it and procrastinate for the rest of your life.

These series are modular so you can pick different variations and adjust it to your interior. The thing is, because there are so many possibilities to adjust Söderhamn parts, Söderhamn covers don’t have holes for adjustments. We decided to write short instructions on how to find, mark and cut the covers in the right places.


Adjusting new covers

All new Söderhamn furniture will have pre-made holes on either side (they are usually hidden with a sticker).

Söderhamn furniture covers

After taking the stickers off, put on the covers and make sure to adjust them without wrinkles. Once the covers have been put on the furniture, find a pencil or any other sharp thingy and try to feel the holes with your fingers.

Once you feel the hole on the Söderhamn covers, mark it or make a small hole with a sharp edge. Cut it in a small X and put on the modular part according to instructions (into pre-made holes).

Söderhamn covers

Secure the screw and VOILA! You have a brand new looking Söderhamn furniture.

If you have any questions regarding this process or if you are laying in your newly covered Söderhamn sofa and want to chat with someone, you can always contact us.


20 noviembre 2019