When we think about IKEA, two synonyms come in mind – STYLISH & AFFORDABLE. I remember the time when we had to model our home and IKEA’s catalogs became my main muse and inspiration. In truth, I believe I have visited IKEA shops more frequently than regular grocery stores... But enough about that. I just wanted to share some BLOGS that really helped me to create my own place. If you are the same as I am – usually confused about everything, looking for some directions and ideas, here are some links that may be useful to you:




Please, feel free to look around on an expert page, because who knows better than IKEA itself, right? You can find here more than 30 topics, approximately 3000 blog posts, so you have about 1 year material to catch up with. I highly recommend it.




Yes, you may have already guessed it right. This BLOG is about hacks that can be made from IKEA furniture. When you go to IKEA you may find a suitable item that may be missing something. Well you can always accessorize, moderate, and paint it yourself!




    Welcome to a page that not only inspires, but helps you to organize your life. I mean it. There are some great tips on how to sort out your stuff, brighten your room, expand the place and exorcise evil spirits from personal space. Okay, maybe not the last part, but other than that you can find really useful tips for your home improvements.


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    18 julio 2019