Let me just say that I am insane about plants. And yes, I’m one of those crazy people that enjoys giving them names and using them as my best conversation buddies. I keep plants all around our home not only because they look good as interior details, but also because of their health benefits. Here are 3 houseplants that are best for their purifying qualities:


Lavender. You may notice that this herb is used for skin and beauty products because of its qualities and amazing smell. It is also used as medicine for hair loss, anxiety and wounds. Lavender is usually found growing in wild, however it is a great plant to use at home.


Tips for care:

Lavender needs as much light as possible, so you can put it near south-facing window and make sure it gets at least 3 hours direct sunlight. Do not let the lavender dry completely, make sure the soil is moist by watering the plant. If you desire more bushiness, you can occasionally tip prunes.


Boston Fern. I actually got this plant because my friend recommended it as an effective toxic absorber, so now it grows in my “office room” near computer. Another plus - this plant also helps to restore home moisture naturally.

Tips for care:

This plant is relatively easy to care for but it will still need to stay moist. Boston Ferns also need a cool place with indirect light and high humidity. So if you don’t have any windows and like to stay in the darkness (evil laugh), then this is a plant for you!


Aloe Vera. This plant is well known for their healing properties and you may have noticed cosmetics and medicine and even food products consisting of Aloe Vera. Their leaves (inside gel) has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, so it may have a practical use as well. Furthermore, this plant purifies chemicals that are usually used for home cleaning.


Tips for care:

If you’re miserable at growing plants and forget to water it, then you may like Aloe Vera. You can water the plant (heavily) once every two weeks. However, this plant will need a lot of sun and a bright place.


If you have any questions or if you want to share your passion regarding plants, don't hesitate to pop us a message!

29 agosto 2019