Imagine this, one day you are walking through IKEA shops, picking up cute stuff which you will probably never use and then you see it (dramatic pause) – your DREAM SOFA. You get instantly excited planning the perfect sitting place with all the decoration and then you check your wallet. Empty. Dreams crushed and burned. Suddenly you become your own financial consultant and after planning your budget you can finally buy your own furniture. You come back to the same IKEA shop, confident that this is it, this is the time to finally purchase your dream sofa. And then… you can’t find it! Hypothesis was correct - sofas can extinct as well as dinosaurs.

If you have ever wished to buy furniture that has been discontinued by IKEA, you can always look around on used furniture sites. Furniture may be worn and their appearance may look horrible, however, their covers can be easily changed with our custom-made slipcovers.

Some of the furniture that you won’t find in IKEA, but their covers that you will definitely find in our online shop:


You may also not find JENNYLUND, TULLSTA and POÄNG in stores anymore. If you have questions regarding any model, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

15 agosto 2019