Each year is a surprise for me as styling trends change as rapidly as my mood. For us (décor guru) it is essential to keep up with the flow. In 2018 we noticed more futuristic trends like geometric lamps, bright accessories, LED lights, marble tables and many more. How about 2019? Have you noticed any new ways to decorate your house?

Well, if you are thinking about renovating your place, these trends may come in handy:

  1. Natural elements. I‘ve noticed that specifically 2019 became environmental awareness year. Because of this idea we also prefer natural surroundings, including our own home. Grow some plants, some vegetables or spices. Choose natural materials (linen fits perfectly), concrete, granite, copper. Reduce plastic accessories, choose wood or glass.
  2. Velvet. ”A new religion that'll bring you to your knees, black velvet if you please..”. A good old song by Alannah Myles. You may think velvet is old fashioned, however, at the moment it is used to highlight luxury and comfort. You may use it for bed frames, sofas, armchairs and footstools. Velvet may also be used for curtains, especially if you have high windows.
  3. Black. The most perfect color to describe my soul. I’ve read a lot of articles about most popular colors for interior décor and this year it seems we are back to black. It’s not about making black from floor to ceiling, more about throwing on some details, such as: patterns, rugs, lamps, cups, cabinet, sheets, table, chair and etc.
  4. Tropical illusion. Botanical patterns are on top this ear. Bring your leaf green pillows, plant a palm, use fringe baskets and mustard color details. Don’t forget to add light wood furniture, shells as accessories, fish tank and some pictures from your holidays at Hawaii. Once you do that also add coconut cups with Pina Colada and I’ll be in your house shortly after.


Do you have your own 2019 trend? If so, you can always pop us a message, I would love to chat with you!

August 01, 2019