Comfortly is a company that sells high-quality hand-made covers and accessories for your IKEA furniture.

Once upon a time in a land full of possibilities me and my husband had a dream. Just take a minute to picture a scene – small and cozy white fenced house surrounded by pots full of flowers, 3 energetic dogs that would probably eat the same plants I was talking before, movie worthy front porch with old and rusty swings and the coziest yet the most expressive color bombed interior design in town. After a few years of fantasizing, working double shifts (sadly it meant no dogs for quite some time) and saving every penny, we finally managed to get our own place. Let us just say that it really needed a renovation so by the time we finished everything my pride was over the top. There were some items that we brought from our rental apartment and one of those pieces was our former sofa that I just could not throw away. Idea popped into my mind and I searched and searched for the most suitable fabric. When I finally found the most ideal turquoise color on earth I decided that this is it.


Me and my husband had so much fun modeling the sofa, that we thought why not extending this idea to others? The word spread and we received so many orders, that eventually we started looking for solution.


We believed that we could offer high-quality handmade covers which would bring comfort to our customers. With time and effort Comfortly was born. Me and my husband are honored to announced the start of the new project.


We believe in Trust, Hard Work, Quality and Comfort. We believe in Comfortly.

13 juin, 2019