As more companies continue to embrace remote, hybrid, or flexible work arrangements, the need for a home office space that serves both professional needs and personal tastes is more important than ever. While IKEA offers an array of stylish and affordable furniture, sometimes you need that personal touch to make the space uniquely yours. Enter Comfortly, with its extensive collection of custom-made covers, helping you not only add a personal touch but also protect your furniture in the process. Here's how you can enhance your workspace to suit your style:

1. The Modern Office

For a sleek, professional look, consider modern designs with sharper edges. IKEA's KOARP, KLAPPSTA, and SODERHAMN armchairs embody this aesthetic with their simple, bold designs. Pair these with Comfortly's Cashmere Blends fabric series furniture covers to add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your workspace. Consider a monochromatic color scheme, using shades of grey, black, and white for a minimalist aesthetic that encourages focus and productivity.

To optimize the available space, consider IKEA's KALLAX shelving unit for storing documents and books. Pair these chairs with IKEA's MICKE desk, renowned for its clean lines and functional design, and you've got a space that is as productive as it is stylish.

When it comes to lighting, natural light is best. However, a combination of IKEA's RANARP work lamp for task lighting and the SINNERLIG pendant lamp for ambient lighting creates a well-lit environment that reduces eye strain.

2. The Artistic Office

If you're after a more relaxed, creative vibe, consider rounded furniture shapes like IKEA's EKOLSUND and TULLSTA armchairs. Their unique forms invite relaxation and stimulate creativity, perfect for an artistic workspace.

Complement these shapes with Comfortly's Velvet Blends, Crown, Tiffany collections. Those rich colors add warmth and vibrancy to the room, sparking creativity. Play around with a color scheme that features contrasting bold colors, like deep blues, yellows, and reds, for a stimulating environment.

In terms of space arrangement, use the armchairs as focal points and surround them with creativity-inspiring elements like IKEA's SKÅDIS pegboard for displaying sketches, notes, or inspirations. For lighting, consider a mixture of warm and cool lights, with IKEA's HEKTAR floor lamp adding a charming vintage touch.

3. The Classic Office

For the lovers of timeless elegance, opt for IKEA's STRANDMOND armchair and footstool or the STOCKSUND armchair and sofa. These pieces infuse your workspace with a comforting, vintage vibe. Complement this with Comfortly's Linen Blends or Heavy Duty covers for an added layer of sophistication that still offers a good amount of protection. A color scheme featuring warm, neutral tones such as beige, brown, and cream would perfectly complement the classic theme.

When arranging the classic office, prioritize comfort and elegance. Pair your chosen furniture with IKEA's HEMNES desk for a touch of rustic charm that comes with copious amounts of storage. For lighting, use warm-toned lights like IKEA's ALÄNG table lamp to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.


Whether your preference leans toward the modern, the artistic, or the classic, remember that your home office should reflect your personality and working style. With IKEA's versatile furniture and Comfortly's extensive range of custom covers, you have the freedom to create a workspace that not only fosters productivity but also speaks to your unique aesthetic. Happy decorating!

30 juin, 2023