If you have ever modeled your house you know the struggle of choosing the right color and shade. Ohh the struggle it was… Me and my husband had a completely different opinion on our bedroom walls. He wanted bright red (DANGER! Abort the mission!) , while I was keener on pastel colors. That was when I needed to take actions and do my own investigation. I read a lot of articles about colors and their impact on our mood, emotions and experience, so here is some information that may be helpful to you as well.


Red is the most emotional color which represents love and passion. This color alerts us of danger, draws attention and rises our blood pressure, leaving us more energized. Because of these qualities this color may not be the best choice for your bedroom, where you want to have more intimate feeling and relax after day activities. Red color is more suitable for interior details and is especially used in dining rooms and living rooms. Also, red color may cause hunger, so if you’d wish to be the best cook and attract your friends to eat at your place, put some details and furniture to your kitchen area. I would also suggest choosing our bright Velvet Blends covers in color Red.


Green is associated with harmony and renewal. If you don’t have space for plants, but want to create natural feeling, I would suggest painting your walls in pastel green and using light or dark brown wood as an accessories.  Green is the most restful and relaxing color of all, so it may be used in every room including your bathroom. To create more calming feeling I would suggest using Heavy Duty material in Green color. To make your room brighter you can use Chenille Blends material in Green color. 


Once again, I cannot hide my love for this color. It is a color of authority, power, bringing some drama and classy vibes. Black color is usually not the first choice and some people are afraid to go into the dark side. However, painting your walls in black or accessorizing your room with black furniture may be one of the best decisions in interior design world. Black can go with pastel color as well as bright colors. It is important to use it carefully, not overdosing. Black is the most suitable in offices or living rooms. To create an expensive looking interior I would suggest using Chenille Blends in color Black. 


White symbolizes purity and safety. When I dream of home I usually visualize it with white picket fence as it represent safe environment and stability. What I love the most about white color is that it is as classy as it is modern. White can be used to make room seem larger, cleaner, so it may be perfect for your bathroom or your kitchen. Be careful not to overload white color with unnecessary items, unnecessary colors as it may be too much to handle. White color also may not be the best option for your furniture as it is not practical. If you’d wish to create bright interior, I would suggest using beige as an alternative. We have Chenille Blends Beige, Cashmere Ecru and Beige, Heavy Duty Cream, Linen Blends Linen and Velvet Blends Cream, Light-Beige, Rabbit options to choose from.


There are many colors and shades that causes different emotions and may influence moods. You can always read about them before making any big decisions regarding your house. If you want to share some information you are always welcome to contact us any time.

08 août, 2019