Well-matched color combinations for your living room

It’s true that neutral, blank colors are easy to match, and they provide a great background for accent design elements, however, you may lose the possibility to reflect meaningful and fun to discover details in your interior design. More colors and their combinations could help your home to tell a unique story about your personality, lifestyle, and they even might lift your mood. A variety of tones of IKEA cushion covers and other furnishings may reflect your unique identity, while different shades on the walls calm or uplift your mood. We understand that it’s difficult to pick the combinations that go along very well (considering you are not a professional interior designer), so we invite you to take a look at some inspiring ideas.

Re-energize yourself with green tones

A tired and dull-looking living room or bedroom can significantly change into a lively place with the help of green shades. Don’t be afraid to play with green, because it has a huge number of different tones – from the softest lily-white, pale cobalt green and greyish-yellow to the more intense lettuce green, grass green and marine green. Because of this unique feature, the color green can be easily adapted to any taste.

The most fitted shades for green color are soft blue and yellow. Paint your living room with blue and yellow colored IKEA cushion covers, sofa covers, rugs and accessories such as floor lamps, vases or book covers. The combination will surely create a calming and cohesive effect.

Reflect your optimism and invite summer

Your home will be filled with only good vibes and smiles if you choose to paint or decorate it with yellow color. It‘s not a secret that yellow is probably the most positive color in the palette so anyone who steps into your home will think of you as an optimistic, joyful and bright person. This sunny decor will surely lighten up your mood even on your worst days.

It‘s worth mentioning that soft yellow shade creates an ideal canvas for different furniture styles, especially it is a perfect match for grey and neutral furniture. Some greyish-yellow IKEA cushion covers on a sofa will perfectly complement the overall design.

Spicy dark tones are still on-trend

Dark blue tones will tell about your steady, straightforward and solid self. Even though dark shades may scare you as it may seem risky to use, however they perfectly fit into place if you seek a contrast-rich room. Also, it doesn‘t need to be dark blue all the way. Choose to paint and accent wall or a radiator to add some spiciness. The main rule here – match and balance dark tone with large areas of neutrals. Grey sofa with dark blue cushions can be perfectly complemented with softer colored IKEA cushion covers.

Neutral colors are always a safe bet. But don‘t you wish to discover new emotions and feelings by decorating your home with unique, untraditional color combinations? Inspire, encourage, enlighten and cheer yourself with well-matched colors. Try and see it for yourself!

März 20, 2020