Renovate & Recycle with Comfortly IKEA sofa covers

Nowadays we are all experiencing serious problems with Earth pollution that puts at risk the stability of the Earth's support systems and our future. There are many organizations that try to reduce chemical compounds by finding alternative ways to minimize the harm and Comfortly is no exception together with the concept of IKEA replacement sofa cover and more.

How do we minimize the harm?

We created our company based on the environmental friendly idea – reduce waste. Why would you throw your perfectly fine furniture if you can change the appearance with new IKEA sofa covers? It would not only save you time that you would probably waste on searching for new items, but it would also lessen your expenses. In addition, it reduces waste and your decision takes you one step closer to a cleaner environment.

Despite our company’s idea we are also trying to apply environmental friendly actions in our daily office life. As we are working with materials every piece of fabric, every remain of IKEA replacement sofa cover is an opportunity for us. We don’t throw them, we re-use it as table cloths or paper towel. After using these remains of IKEA sofa covers and other fabrics, we wash them and make use of them again. If you have your old clothing, bed sheets or any other usable material, you can also cut them in pieces and re-use the cloths.

What about the paper?

When you are working in the office, you use a lot of paper. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. So, the eco-friendliness can be applied not only for every remain of IKEA replacement sofa cover but in using the paper as well. We usually print the information on a sheet of paper and once we use it, we put it aside. Why? Well because another side of the sheet can be printed on again. It’s the same as using the IKEA sofa covers for more than once! Again, why throw it when you can re-use it?

Easy and simple steps

Every person should think about recycling. You can always use long-lasting utensils instead of single-use plastic ones. Use your own unique cup and reduce the use of paper-cups. Bring your own bags to the shopping center, save energy, spend your quality time surrounded by NATURE!

We hope to inspire people with our IKEA replacement sofa cover, and we believe that every action counts. You can also be a part of a brighter future, let’s reduce the waste together!

Dezember 27, 2019