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Pet lovers, rejoice: Claw proof fabric is here!

As a proud cat owner, I know better than anyone that they will scratch at just about anything. And if there is one aspect that cats, dogs and other animals have in common, it’s their seemingly endless desire to destroy the objects you love most. From sports shoes and old slippers to the brand-new sofa you splurged on, they never stop biting, scratching and tearing apart – and most of us simply don’t have the heart to put our foot down.

And while we sadly cannot save your footwear, our stylish claw proof covers can be the first line of defense for the IKEA furniture you treasure most. We provide not just one, but four varieties of fabric that will not only greatly prolong the life of your furniture while personalizing its color, but also act as a veritable form of armor against your little lovely demons.

When it comes to scratch proof fabrics, we cannot recommend fabrics with dense structure highly enough. The most obvious choices are Crown, Cashmere Blends, Velvet Blends or Tiffany, and while all are soft to the touch, they have individual strengths and weaknesses. Unique palettes of colors ensure that the chosen fabrics will fit any room design. Couch covers, sofa covers, chair covers, recliner covers – we are ready to come to the aid of whatever your cat likes to use to test the sharpness of its claws.

Luxurious, comfortable, resistant and machine washable, our personal recommendation is Crown. We love it so much, even our office chairs are covered with it, still looking brand new after a full year of usage. It resists any attempt to pull out threads, whether human or pet related: from sharp nails to claws, we got you covered.

Cashmere Blends is an even thicker fabric while being just as comfortable, and it is covered with nano-proof technology that does not let any liquid soak into the fabric, deferring stains and other nastiness. It might be worth investing in if your pet is particularly aggressive towards furniture! However, we do not recommend using washing machines, so it’s a bit higher maintenance than the average furniture cover.

Velvet Blends is a thinner fabric, so it may not stay as firm as Crown or Cashmere Blends, but its texture and colors can fit your needs much better depending on preference. Another drawback is its solid texture, which means that stains may be more visible on this fabric, but it is machine washable, making it a smaller issue.

Tiffany is a fresh new fabric in our collection. It's thicker than Velvet Blends and has a more "snug" look to it. However, due to soft surface, it may attract dust and hair more easily.

Our claw proof fabrics ensure the longevity your furniture deserves, ensuring that you do not need to choose between your pet and presentable furniture. Moreover, the great mix of statement shades and neutral tones makes our covers any interior designer’s dream. If you still are not convinced, get in touch with us to order samples right away – free of charge!

februari 09, 2023