If you ever had a pet you know the struggle. Growing teeth means Goodbye the most favorite slippers of all time. Promptly growing nails mean Goodbye our brand new luxurious looking sofa. Long fur means Goodbye to your clean house and Hello hair everywhere. I was making jello yesterday and I found my dog’s hair floating around like it is no big deal. I find it in my room, on my clothes, in my food, on my furniture.


How to win this fight?

Here are some tips on how to prevent pet hair in your surroundings and especially on your beloved IKEA sofa covers.

  • Grooming. If you have long-fur friends at home you can always avoid some part of shedding by taking care of their fur. You would have to embrace the grooming and combing by making it your daily tradition. Taking a couple of minutes of your precious time would mean cleaner house and less frustration.
  • Washable covers. If you have a choice, always buy furniture with washable covers. You can always wash them before your guest, family or one of the most terrifying person on Earth (mother-in-law) comes for a short visit. Being washable, IKEA sofa covers won’t get all fuzzy with your pet hair and you won’t receive any bad omen from them.
  • Restricted areas. You can train your dog or cat (probably not) to avoid sitting on a most common areas – bed and sofa. Always leave a pet bed near sitting area, so that they would choose their own sleeping place instead of yours. Also you should definitely watch some YouTube videos on how to train your small mammals with treats.
  • Useful tools. Use rubber gloves to take care of fur. I use it all the time. When the rubber does not help anymore, I take tape. Tape is cheaper than lint roller, but it functions the same.

Now the question is - which fabric would be best to choose?

It all depends on shedding intensity.

If your dog sheds less and is not prone to scratching the fabric - we would recommend Heavy Duty or Linen Blends. It a melange fabric so the fur will be less visible.

If your dog is shedding a lot - best option is leather based furniture. However, because we do not have any leather options, we would recommend fabric with dense structure such as Chenille Blends or Velvet Blends. The fur will stick, but it will be easier to clean it up :)

Also, don't forget to match your sofa with your pet. Light hair - choose creamy colors, darker hair - choose grey/colorful choices.

If you have any additional question pop us an email and we’ll gladly chat with you.


25 noviembre 2019